Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

For these reasons, it may be a good idea to partner up with a company with offices in your home country and at least several years of experience in business and recruitment in India. And if you prefer to retain as much control as possible, consider leveraging the Build-Operate-Transfer model. EF Education First is an international company behind the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), an annual ranking of Countries and Regions by English Skills. The results for the 2021 edition were based on an online survey completed by approximately 2 million users. Only places with 400 or more test takers were included in the ranking. Among 112 countries and regions, India received 48th place, 19 places higher than the year before (which translated to 6th place in Asia).

  • The India BPO Promotion Scheme plans to incentivize BPO establishment of more than 48,000 seats.
  • The Kearney Global Services Location Index is a biannual report that rates the outsourcing attractiveness of participating countries.
  • They are more involved in software architecture and bigger decisions.
  • Outsourcing refers to delegating specific business functions, tasks, or processes to external service providers rather than handling them internally.

A recent survey conducted in the USA shows that 85% of American companies that outsource to India deploy their non-core business processes. Some of the most common outsourced services are telehealth, data processing, photo editing, e-commerce management, website design, and search engine marketing. Infosys is a next-generation software development company headquartered in Bangalore, offering IT solutions and digital marketing services.

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Some foreign businesses did not allow the work-from-home setup for security reasons. As stated, outsourcing companies in India cannot protect data outside their offices. Thus, foreign partners enforced the “Force Majeure” clause in their contracts. Barclays moved its in-house technical support center several years ago from England to India. The company said outsourcing to India can improve productivity and Efficiency. Its retail banking operations include mortgages, consumer loans, and credit cards.

And there are few countries that are better placed to meet the growth in demand than India. It is one of the world’s most populous nations, with well over a billion citizens. And, even when the education system does not cover large parts of the population, that incredible population size means there are few difficulties in finding staff for their centres. For companies that are looking to establish or scale large offshore operations, outsourcing to India is one of the few options that can meet the demands. Businesses would be looking to adopt the single-vendor approach when looking for technology partner. However, you need to carefully chalk out a plan before partnering up with any Indian outsourcing service provider.

What sets the Indian outsourcing industry apart is the ability to innovate and persevere even in tough times. The Indian digital and technology space is among the fastest-growing how to sell preferred stock ones, compared to its other South East Asian counterparts. To perform these high-end tasks, there is a need to understand the nature of business and the underlying technology.

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We provide various financial management solutions, including budgeting, cash flow management, and financial analysis. Our offshore accounting services are designed to provide cost-effective accounting solutions while ensuring your business’s financial data remains secure. We work closely with our clients to create customized accounting plans that meet their business requirements.

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IT services require expertise in specialized fields and proper tools and technology. Therefore, there is an inherent need to train employees and set up the infrastructure required for the same. Interest in IT outsourcing is growing thanks to accelerating digitalization, the wider use of enterprise applications, and the increased popularity of home office setups. More than ever, IT oursourcing is being adopted by large and mid-sized companies across a range of industries from telecoms and finance to e-commerce and manufacturing.

“Their IT outsourcing salaries are per cent higher than that of Indians. Ukraine and Poland are the two Eastern European countries where high-end software development is going on,” says Jigsaw Co-founder and CEO Gaurav Vohra. The e-learning platform offers digital training to 30-odd firms, mostly in IT, retail and banking. ValueCoders has worked with digital agencies and enterprises, startups, and software product development companies.

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Consider company reputation, past work, technical expertise, and financial stability. Importantly, consider to check the b2b reviews sites like clutch and designrush. Advertise your outsourcing requirements or a Request for Proposal (RFP) to invite proposals from Indian companies. You can do this through business portals, outsourcing platforms, or contacting business chambers in India. Collecting multiple proposals allows you to compare and choose the best partner based on quality and cost-effectiveness. Before outsourcing, understand the US laws and international trade agreements concerning outsourcing.

Deemsoft delivers customized solutions because they understand organizations’ objectives and difficulties. Businesses looking for software outsourcing services trust Deemsoft. They have expertise in big data and analytics solutions and also empower clients with the potential of data with the help of advanced analytics, machine learning, and cloud technologies.

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Agarwal wants to unlock the world of technology and Social Media, where there is a chance for new possibilities and innovation every day. Jigar Agarwal works to help every SaaS Development company to improve their ROI. This has made the overall environment and infrastructure of India supportive of the needs of the IT sector in general. These inherent advantages have given them the flexibility to make business arrangements with various companies and regions without suffering any major backlogs.

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Connect Center is one of the pioneer names in virtual assistant services. They provide data entry experts who can sort any type of data within the shortest time frame. The data entry experts take care of the accuracy and perform the work with dedication. WoodBows virtual assistants are specialized in data entry services. Since they are specialized and they have been doing the data entry for 10+ years, they have one of highest accuracy rates of 99.7% in the industry while the global rate is only 94%. A better approach is to hire a data entry outsourcing company in India to help you with the task.

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