ADP Workforce Now Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

Their system is simple to use, and Payworks has been serving the Canadian market since 1967. ADP is a payroll and HR platform available for organizations of all sizes. Its RUN service is designed for startups and small businesses with less than 50 employees. For ADP Workforce Now, it’s a business management software designed to provide robust HR management features for small businesses and larger enterprises. Paychex is a US-focused platform that offers payroll basics alongside some more advanced human resource options.

10’#39;s of hours are wasted monthly just to get someone that can help us. And then we have to call back again to see if we get the same answer twice, which more often than not, we receive a different answer. Ceridian has a few options to pay employees, including Ceridian Powerpay and Ceridian Dayforce.

  • You also have remittance filing to take care of your payroll taxes and other features that might seem more complex, but users say that setup and using the product is still easy.
  • Our applicants can’#39;t even click the ‘#39;next’#39; button without a banner being in the way of it.
  • Best characterized as a workforce management platform, Rippling brings HR management, payroll, expense tracking and basic financial management together.
  • While this reviewer had strong feelings on the matter, it’s something others have mentioned, too.

Wagepoint was built for the Canadian market, including automatic payroll tax calculations and tax filings (like your annual T4s, T4As and RL1s). Even your regular remittances are calculated and can be filed from directly within the program, so there’s no need to go to the Canada Revenue Agency portal to take care of that reporting. Compared to ADP, Paycor costs extra since it offers more than just basic payroll services. While small businesses can scale with ADP Workforce Now, UKG is more suited for midsize and large enterprises. TriNet Zenefits is a great choice for small and medium businesses with complex HR needs looking for an easy payroll add-on. QuickBooks Payroll is an excellent choice for medium and large businesses looking for simple payroll handling and already using the QuickBooks accounting package.

ADP® API Central for ADP Workforce Now®

Payworks’ system automatically updates to keep up with the latest legislative changes. Likewise, the software has homepage reminders for remittance filing and a stat pay calculator so you don’t have to worry about crunching the numbers. Many Payworks reviewers applaud Payworks’ straightforward and simple interface with no hidden menus and everything right before your eyes. This user lists it as a pro in their review, and yet also notes that the interface is a bit dated, which can make it a bit challenging to bring things back up. Expert resources are available to guide you through your custom development efforts. ADP has been constantly pushing back on us saying that when the system was initially set up, it was rushed and not set up properly.

  • It’s cloud-based, has tons of user-friendly features, is accessible on mobile and desktop devices and is easy to use.
  • Papaya Global is a workforce management platform with simplified payroll features and a strong international presence.
  • Wave has been creating buzz with its free accounting software that comes with a paid payroll add-on.

When looking at QuickBooks Online in particular, employee direct deposit and unlimited payroll runs are just the start of the features you have access to. You also have remittance filing to take care of your payroll taxes and other features that might seem more complex, but users say that setup and using the product is still easy. Wagepoint is ideal for small and micro businesses looking for a secure and robust payroll management solution that’s easy to use but with strong functionality. Each platform offers many benefits including integrated onboarding and employee self-service features that make it easy to manage HR functions. If you’re looking to try out the simplest, most small business-focused payroll software on our list for free, you can!

Canadian Small Business Payroll Calendar

This can be useful not only for keeping everything in one place, but also for keeping track of and making decisions on things like labour costs, talent acquisition and more. Many are familiar with QuickBooks Desktop, but there’s been a big push for the cloud-based QuickBooks Online over the past many years. The features do vary a bit between them, but one thing that is the same is QuickBooks Payroll is an integrated add-on for each one.

Customer service

So we gave them the benefit of the doubt and asked them to provide us with a list of courses to take. When we looked at the courses, it was realized by ADP and us that the page we had was different from theirs. Looks like we haven’#39;t even been getting the necessary updates for this either, not just the ATS. We are currently waiting for training material (half of which has to be paid for).

Best Time-Tracking Software for Small Business

Square Payroll is well suited to businesses in any industry that rely on hourly payments and pay structures. While these aren’t Canadian-focused companies, you may also be familiar with these leading ADP Payroll alternatives. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know about these companies. Ceridian Dayforce takes on automated calculations with continuous calculations that keep the numbers accurate in real time as time is captured. This feature reduces having to go back and make changes to time entries before running payroll. Concierge can be tailored to fit your business needs, so you’ll need to contact Knit.

What is the difference between ADP RUN and ADP Workforce Now?

Knit is aimed at small businesses, offering a straightforward package that is focused on payroll processes for the Canadian market and includes basic HR tasks. Get all the resources you need to help develop custom applications and data connectors using ADP APIs. Our comprehensive developer portal at gives developers access to robust API documentation, code samples, developer libraries, how-to articles and more.

Pricing (QuickBooks Online Payroll)

There is no automatic feature to remind our managers to submit their time cards for their branches. We have to then submit the time cards individually at the end of every pay period. This takes a whole day for one person to complete, and we have about 250+ employees.

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